Monday, June 22, 2009

Outer Cape Cod recommendations based on my weekend

Provincetown Commercial Street from West to East
- Monkey Bar for black lights, food and cocktails
- Marine Specialties for amazing items and army surplus
- Lobster Pot for seafood
- Governor Bradford's, Foosball during the day, drag karaoke at night
- Shop Therapy sunglasses and upstairs
- Every other store for t-shirts or sweatshirts
- Rent a bike and go to Race Point Lighthouse and Beach

- Long Nook Beach. Go at night or you'll need beach pass. Park and walk up dune at left, bring wine and blanket. Look for curvature of Earth, stars, smashing waves and romance.
- North of Highland Campground off of Head of the Meadow Beach, walk to the beach with their free firewood (get free beach fire permit at Truro Beach Office). 30$ for one tent

- Beachcomber! Don't drink much, or it's a loooooooong ride home or a dead one. Amazing beach cliffs and waves behind parking lot.
- Wellfleet Drive in! Double features for 8$ a person!

- Choco Tacos from any Ice Cream Truck, MMMmmm!!!

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