Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years Eve 2009/2010 in New York City

There is a story to this city.

It's one of fire and granite - of lust and possibility. There is a story to this city that rises from grit and falls from glamor. There is a story to this city and this New Years Eve you are invited to celebrate it with us in a fashion so dense, beautiful and astounding that your grandchildren will know what you did at the end of this decade.

You are invited to:
New Lost City : New Years Eve

This party comes in four sections spread across
two buildings hidden in the heart of Brooklyn.

A City of Grit:
Dark + Sultry + Dramatic. Three warm floors of a former factory have been converted into a party paradise with hidden tea lounges, reckless rides, live art, cheap liquor and dark dance-floors. The music here is a throw-back to the classic loft-parties where live afro-beat mixes with stellar hip-hop and dj's meet in the middle to keep the people moving.

A City of Glamor:
Gorgeous + Lush + Provocative. Intelligent techno to breaks to deep dark house join in this seven thousand square foot loft lined with dripping video projections and female chandeliers (yes, there will be fire). The outdoor terrace will be heated with a wood burning stove and constant conversation.

A City of Ice:
Hidden + Festive + Insolent. One hundred fifty cubic feet of false snow, Santas and seditious elves mix with The Modern Dance Awareness Society to create a winter wonderland that is equal parts absurd and beautiful. Expect spiked cider.

A City of Fire:
Captivating + Indulgent + Dangerous. This is where beauty meets vice. Stripper poles, piano lounges, aerial acts, casino games and brass bands blend into a tribute to the forgotten underbelly of New York City that has existed long before any of us know, and will continue beyond when any of us will be remembered.

The Most Important Midnight:
Two Thousand Ten will begin with: champagne bottles, fire acts, brass band explosions, dance-floor countdowns, kisses from strangers and, for the chosen few, a three course meal at the center of it all. This is the start of the best year of your life.

Your adventure begins at:
195 Morgan Ave.
East Williamsburg / Bushwick Brooklyn
Take the L train to Morgan Ave. and walk four blocks north.

9pm through 7am and beyond...
$29 at the door. Strictly 21+

Feather masks will be rewarded with champagne and gifts.

The growing list of performers include:

Baja + Dry Eye Crew
If you haven't heard this exploding hip-hop sensation, now is your moment. After packing the national stadium for performances in their home country of Sierra Leone, African superstars Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew are poised to conquer the global airwaves with their unique sound, which blends the swagger and funk of hip-hop, the passion and energy of dancehall, and the
socially conscious vibe of reggae. The group has generated so much buzz in the hip-hop world that major stars including ?uestlove, the Roots, Talib Kweli, K'Naan, Res, and El-P have contributed their vocal and/or production talents to their upcoming release.

The Hungry March Band
Roaring out of Brooklyn comes the Hungry March Band, NYC's legendary street brass march band in the anarchic style that has become their trademark . Release your inner dancer and break out the fancy threads because this is the party - a blazing parade of flesh, blood, steel, brass and wood. This is the music of the people.

Stumblebum Brass Band
An incendiary force on the New York City music scene. Even though the band has deep respect and admiration for the art of both Louis Armstrong and Nirvana; the Stumblebums reject nostalgia in favor of riotous spontaneity.

Raya Brass Band
The newest fiery Balkan band to come out of the village of Brooklyn. This mighty quintet of tuba, bass drum, accordion, trumpet and clarinet exuberantly delivers the swirling, dynamic music of northern Greece, the southern Balkans and the Romany people. In true village style, Raya Brass
Band gives audiences a direct and unmediated earful of sonic energy from the middle of the dance floor.

The Lady Circus
The next generation of circus has taken hold in this troupe of femmes fatales, who are taking circus arts to new heights. Born in the Brooklyn underground, Lady Circus have burst out of the gritty, grimy, glossy cocoon that birthed them to display a devastating combination of skill and
spectacle for the new millennium. They infuse every performance with feral exuberance and stylish extravagance. For this night Lady circus is joined by the Fuct troop, Mikey Freedom Heart, Mickey Western and many more.

Hungry For More
Ushering in the new decade with an appetite for the unexpected. Twelve guests will be invited to a feast during the New Year's Danger party. Laurendarling is cooking up four courses of food, entertainment, intimacy, and surprise to bring you into 2010. Seating will be strictly limited, by
invite only. By being a guest at dinner, the role as performer and audience will be blurred, as we are all performers in our own moments of grandeur.

Straight off his nationwide tour for his new LP, Magic Monday, Michna is back in New York to tear up the city with his extraordinary interpretation of techno. Michna is signed with Ghostly International and currently resides in Brooklyn, playing both the NYC venues and across the country. He caught Diplo's attention earlier in his career with his ability to fuse hip-hop and electro, and he hasn't stopped catching the attention of the music world since.

Fred P. aka The Black Jazz Consortium
DJ, Artist, and Remixer extraordinaire Fred P is the mind behind Black Jazz Consortium and the owner of Soul People Music. Recording for a wide range of labels, most notably DJ Jus-Ed's Underground Quality, Fred P has gained a following of true deep house lovers all over the world. Staying true to his sound and vibe makes him a unique contributor to this genre.

The Brooklyn based master of jazz-fueled, afro-beat to hip-hop mixology. Dunndee loves the dance floor and the dance floor loves him back. For the past several years this DJ has risen as one of the all-time crowd favorites and on New Years Eve he will remind you why.

John Margulies
Many of us have woken up to find out that we've become high-tech hobos: where the original hobos physically dropped out of society and rode the rail system, we've mentally dropped out, traded train tracks for dance tracks, and given up on the plans and patrons that were supposed to provide us security. John Margulies's hobotech music is depression era techno - contemporary music that nods to a forgotten America, celebrating half-smoked cigars and conversations over the fire barrel.

Zemi 17
Resident dj Zemi 17 brings in the sunrise and beyond with a sound described as "space house" meets "intelligent techno". His music is influenced by many tours around the world, including several years studying language and music in Indonesia.

The Vintage DJ
The Vintage DJ brings tracks from farther back than you can remember and the dance floor erupts in-kind. To hear the Vintage perform is to become an instant fan.

Joro Boro
Pure Gypsy Funk Madness.

Plus fire and ice, art and laughter, love and nudity, prophetic visions and brief moments of the sublime. We've put everything and then some into this event. There is too much to list in one e-mail and to be honest, we want to keep the surprise. These nights will not last forever so celebrate while you can.

Two thousand ten will be the best year of your life.

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