Sunday, August 30, 2009

A lesson for the weak of beats.

CAUTION: these words may become waterproof, dangerous..

Today marks a very special and important date in history:

The day I teach you, Internet, the simple all-in-one guaranteed, non-refundable lesson for beginner beatbox.

However, tread lightly. The secrets lie in your own application of this ancient Shockwave-taught lesson.

Read carefully as you may come out a fool...or a ninja... of the (dramatic music) FACE BEATS.

Two words. Two ordinary words.

Two words that carry two ordinary meanings.

To find out these words:

Click on Videos at

Find these words in the first video at Shockwave TV and repeat these words. Lather, then repeat.

Slowly turn these two magical words into sounds, add your own flavor and maybe 5, 6 years of practice and variations, some time away from your computer and --

VoilĂ ! you're a beatboxer!!

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