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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Successfully surf at work

stick it to your bossman.

Experience Burning Man, Virtually

Monday, August 28, 2006

The Next Net, Web 2.0, Internet Progression, ETC...

Times they are a-changin'.
You could adopt the stodgey old-timey "I don't understand computers" or get in tune with this new amazing and evolving communication medium. The very "Internet" you are surfing is gaining collective intelligence and developing- exponentially.. hacked, open sourced, explored and cracked open... you gotta get hip to it... here's a few links to help you catch up:
The Next Net 25: 25 startups that are reinventing the web
SEOmoz's Web 2.0 Awards
Web 2.0 Directory : eConsultant

(don't forget to swim in the ocean, smell flowers and climb trees...)

"Map of the Day" from and

Geocoded Flickr Maps
Available Everywhere but let's start with NYC
If you're a Flickr user, you just pull photos on to a map in the "Organizr" area. If you're not a Flickr user, you can still participate in the fun by checking out photos mapped in your home town.

All you needed from the Emmys...

Conan's Opening bits, part 1 and 2

and a list of the winners...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Female streaker scores an amazing goal!

Possibly NSFW but definitely amazing, and HOT.

Adventures in Resonance

"Cymatics is a concept that was formulated in 1787 by Ernst Chladni who used a violin bow which he drew perpendicularly across the edge of flat plates covered with sand, he produced those patterns and shapes which today go by the term Chladni figures." more

music is.... spontaneous!

"We have entered an extraordinarily exciting time in the history of music, when musicians have access to an unprecedented expanse of influences and creative strategies. While improvisation in one form or another is increasingly central to this global synthesis, a significant gap looms between the improvisation-based aesthetic paradigm that guides musical practice, and the aesthetic awareness that prevails in the music industry, academic musical world, and society at large."
Visit the International Society of Improvised Music

Saturday, August 26, 2006

L-ton Jean Jean

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After 40 years of performing rock music, pop ballads and movie soundtracks, Elton John is looking to cross over to yet another musical genre -- hip hop.

"I want to bring my songs and melodies to hip hop beats -- a bit like 'No Diggity' by Blackstreet,'" John said in excerpts of an interview posted on Rolling Stone's Web site on Friday.

what the...?

Sex is Weird, Laws are Weirder...

illegal to have sex at a rodeo with a rodeo clown in the presence of horses....
In Clinton, OKLAHOMA there's no masturbation allowed while watching two people having sex in a car...
In Ames, IOWA husbands aren’t allowed to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with their wives or while holding them in his arms.

MacGyver with a backpack and a truck

The Most Incredible Knife
Here are all 85 tools included in Giant Knife, Version 1.0:
1. 2.5” 60% Serrated locking blade 2. Nail file, nail cleaner 3. Corkscrew 4. Adjustable pliers with wire crimper and cutter 5. Removable screwdriver bit adapter 6. 2.5” Blade for Official World Scout Knife 7. Spring-loaded, locking needle-nose pliers with wire cutter
click for more...

"Weighing in at 650 pounds and measuring 10,384 yards (or 5.9 miles!) long, the NEW & IMPROVED World's Largest Roll of Duct Tape was created in Hickory, North Carolina, for Henkel Consumer Adhesives in 2005. It is 3.78 inches wide and is 64 inches in diameter!"
click for more...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Funniest shit in a LOOONG time


RIAA-Proof Music Sharing

quote [ Several solutions exist for creating your own little mini-P2P network among trusted friends, but the Prague-based AllPeers, which is apparently launching in beta form sometime today, uses a FireFox extension and leverages BitTorrent on the back-end to make set up and private sharing easier than ever. ]
AllPeers Beta version available here

Extra Extra: Pluto no longer a "planet"!

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) -- Leading astronomers declared Thursday that Pluto is no longer a planet under historic new guidelines that downsize the solar system from nine planets to eight.

How to fight terror: Anti-Terror

Brand new article from Bruce Schneier on the effectiveness of going about our war on terror differently.

"But our job is to remain steadfast in the face of terror, to refuse to be terrorized. Our job is to not panic every time two Muslims stand together checking their watches. There are approximately 1 billion Muslims in the world, a large percentage of them not Arab, and about 320 million Arabs in the Middle East, the overwhelming majority of them not terrorists. Our job is to think critically and rationally, and to ignore the cacophony of other interests trying to use terrorism to advance political careers or increase a television show's viewership. "

New mission from Improv Everywhere

"Shopping in Slow Motion"

Click here for more

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Osama and Whitney sitting in a cave...

So in other news,
apparently Osama bin Laden had a crush on the wonderful Whitney Houston.... and playboys?

Bush OKs involuntary Marine recall

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush has authorized the U.S. Marine Corps to recall 2,500 troops to active duty because there are not enough volunteers returning for duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, Marine commanders announced Tuesday.
... read more

New new Weird Al shit!

Here's a teaser: "Don't Download this song"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

NYC deals, deals, deals!

Do you know your birthtime?

Explore this online astrology chart, I found it most effective after getting my exact birth time from my birth certificate... Regardless of whether or not I believe "in this kind of stuff", I must admit that this is pretty cool... or should I say out of this world.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dancing Matt

In case you live under an internet rock, here are the two films of Matt Harding delivering a bit of cheesy inspiration for all of us. He quit his job in 2003 to travel the world to dance around the world (literally) and film the perfect viral video. He caught the attention of a corporate sponsor and.. did it again... Check him out at


"I think Father Henkel did it."

"He was my English teacher in the rather, old-fashioned high school I attended (Catholic, all boys, jackets and ties, four years of Latin, the works). One particular afternoon Henkel was trying to focus our young attention on Emily Dickinson. Unfortunately for Henkel (and Emily Dickinson) it was a warm spring day and we boys were feeling, well, boisterous. Faced with chaos, he laid the textbook down, climbed up onto the desk, and stood on his head. We all stopped horsing around and stared at him in stupefaction. Henkel then climbed back down, picked up the book, and said, "Let's get back to 'Beauty be not caused- it is.' page 388." It was probably my first glimpse of the power of the theatrical: you gather an audience, you do a headstand to get everyone's attention, and then you're free to explore beauty, poetry, truth, the human condition, what you will. Now that's an education."
--- David Ives, "All in the Timing" (p. xii)

Staggering Genius

"The only people who get speaking parts are those whose lives are grabbed by chaos."
- Dave Eggers, Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius, p 424

"Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work"

"All great truths begin as blasphemies" - GBS

quote from Steorn --
"We have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy.
This means never having to recharge your phone, never having to refuel your car. A world with an infinite supply of clean energy for all. Our technology has been independently validated by engineers and scientists - always off the record, always proven to work. "

They are challenging the scientific community to test their technology -
Go to their site and check it out, you can register to receive the results.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ice Cream Truck music, old school

The truck I drove, FORTUNATELY, only had a bell to ring.
In my opinion, a little more effective...
1. Drive to beach, park
2. Ring bell
3. Wait for children and girls in bikinis

For those less fortunate, these tunes are what you hear.

Oooo Eee Ooooo!

Tales of daring, do bad and good...

Other Classic Cartoons (mostly intros- the best part!)

Website of a Fantastic Artist

Just thought I MUST support this russia artist, spread the word.
Check out his work and his amazing website, you won't be disappointed.
Andrey Akishey -

Create your own Kama Sutra

Welcome to the latest version of the Instant Kama Sutra, an interactive Flash game that lets you create and save your own positions.
Instant Kama Sutra

Screw Word, use OpenOffice and Writely

OpenOffice is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites, the product is free to download, use, and distribute.

Also, Google just (re)launched Writely in beta form that essentially does everything Word does, for free -- and saves its output as PDFs and even RSS feeds.

also (and to further piss off microsoft), if you're still a IE chump, Get Firefox

still a bit hot as balls, this winter cold as nuts?

Shockwave and Lin-Manuel of Freestyle Love Supreme come to grips with the heatwave of 2006. Things fall apart.

Federal judge orders halt to NSA spy program

The warrantless Internet and telephone surveillance program authorized by the Bush administration violates the U.S. Constitution and must cease immediately, a federal judge ruled Thursday.

Brand New launch

Bringing you a barrage of freshly cooked, hot to-go slices of tasty food for your brain.